Friday, August 17, 2012

Teacher Training 2012

Teacher training is tomorrow, and I've written about the various annoyances of it practically every year since I started blogging. Mind you, I've actually been teaching for twenty years, sometimes at multiple institutions per year. That's a lot of teacher training.

This year, because I teach an inter-disciplinary class (meaning neither department gives a rats ass) and because my former supervisor was replaced, and because the program is rumored to be vanishing anyway, I somehow fell off the mailing list and didn't get any reminders about the dates. Technically, I don't have to go at all. Technically, I also don't have a desk this semester, but that's another issue.

Still, training pays about $75 (Eventually. The check will show up sometime in mid-September) and as whorish as it feels to say this, I can sit through a morning of lectures for $75.* There's even a free lunch, which I really, really, really need right now.

The real problem, however, is as always ... what to knit. While I've been concentrating on UFOs, they're UFOs for a reason. Too bulky. Too fiddly. Too wtf-was-I-doing.

The answer is generally socks, but again there's a problem. I'm tired of boring ribbed socks. I don't have access to a printer for my pattern. LB really likes toe-up socks, preferably two at once.

I'll let you know what I decide.


*ps--don't tell anyone, but I usually enjoy parts of teacher training and almost always get 1-2 valuable tips. Shhh.

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Bridgett said...

My mother complains about these days, too. She should start knitting.