Monday, August 24, 2009

Teacher Training

Going in, I made the decision to knit during teacher training. I caught a wee bit of flack from my seatmate, but I bared my teeth at her and said, "Knitting makes me a much nicer person." She went on to win some kind of award for being a fabulous adjunct. I went on knitting.

Years ago, I worked on being able to knit without looking at my hands. Develop that skill and you will be better able to knit during meetings. Whatever you do, avoid looking at your hands for more than a fraction of a second every minute or so.

One mitt down, one semester to go.


Bridgett said...

I hate how knitting is seen as a rude thing to do at meetings. There have been many meetings that would have been improved if my hands had been occupied (and part of my brain). I can knit without looking as long as it's simple. Perhaps I should be more forceful.

Secesh1860 said...

The last management meeting I went two (two days!), there were little mindless toys on the tables..we were told that it has been shown that keeping hands occupied helps to focus the mind....other people played with playdoh...I knitted!