Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needling the Inventory

Last week, I sat down and did a needle inventory, which ended up taking several hours. In the process, I forced myself to deal with my UFOs, something I'm still grappling with. I darned a pair of socks for LB and  made myself frog several items, which felt great.

Pitched or frogged and re-integrated:

  • Blue Whale by Steven West. I ran out of a OOAK yarn, found a solid to make it work, but with every stitch, I knew I wasn't happy. Yes, my gauge was off a bit, but I have serious doubts about whether this project was ever possible with the yardage recommended.
  • cashemere hand-dyed. I was improvising a neckwarmer, set it aside and forgot what I was doing.
  • charity hat, which sat out in the open too long. I stripped it off the needles and tossed the yarn. No creepy crawlies allowed!
  • a ballet sweater in chenille. I ran out of yarn on the sleeves and need to do some re-thinking. There's enough for a sweater, but not a ballet sweater. 
  • A giant yellow shawl in lumpy bumpy Pagewood. I had done this on 50s, knew I'd never wear it, and subsequently picked up a lime & purple yarn which will look great with it. 
  • A mitten shaped like an alligator foot. Really? I threw away the finished one months ago for sitting out in the open too long.
  • A tiny teddy bear. I picked up this kit during a visit to Iowa. What the hell do I need a tiny teddy for?
  • A hemp tank. It wasn't working for me, then I thought I'd turn it into a tote. Now it's frogged and I'll probably make some dish cloths, towels, etc.

There's still a few more items to tally up, but in the name of accountability, here are the UFOs so far:

  • a purple and green scarf out of alpaca lace. I've really lost interest, but am not far from finished. If I can find the pattern, I may make this a car project.
  • sock yarn blankie, which is clicking along. I got some more nubbins from Ann today, a few from Rachel last week, and am feeling more energized.
  • silk ribbon necktie. This yarn came to me from Dr. Knitter and I just got side tracked. It's a cute project and I have no excuse for setting aside. That said, I sort modified a pattern, so I don't know if I can remember where I was.
  • Mardi Gras shrug in cotton. I am really close to being done on this one, but also haven't worked on it for ages. I know I bought the yarn 3 yarn crawls ago.
  • Swan's Down Hood in white lace weight. I started this on a whim and decided there was a pattern error (it's a Civil War pattern). I will probably frog.
  • Doug's mitts. A favor for a friend, which I've needed to finish for ages and ages (as in y.e.a.r.s.)
  • a sock in Dyeabolical Bling. I only did the cuff and lost interest in the pattern. I am wanting to do some new things with pooling yarn. I will probably frog.
  • shrug in Caliope. It's a boucle yarn and really hard to work with. That said, Rachel is dying ribbon and this closes with ribbon ties. That fact alone may be enough to make me restart.
  • a sock flat. LB really likes long socks and hates when nubbins are left over. I decided to do this one toe-up, which practically made knee socks. One is done, but it looks like I added some increases in the calf, so I'll have a tough time figuring out what the hell I did.

Trust me, there's more to deal with, but I am feeling like the UFO pile is a little more under control.

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