Saturday, January 21, 2012

Edge of the World (Part 2)

Gosh, I just realized I never wrote the second half on knitwear in Edge of the World. Part One is here.

The island doesn't seem to have many young women. In fact, part of the plot is about young islanders leaving to find brides and then never returning. Those women who do live on the island seem to knit constantly. Look at this lovely lacework.

The director uses knitting for humorous effect, with the endless row of knitters.

I suspect the island women he cast, just like many a Hollywood extra, knit to stave off boredom between takes.

Some wear these intriguing felted hats.

I am unable to figure this one out. Are those sleeves? Maybe she's wearing a lighter shawl over a darker garment. There's more of those hats too.

The old granny wears a beautiful shawl.

Ruth, the heroine, has some really nice pieces. Some, like this shawl, are clearly handmade.

Modern knitters might think that a top like this one is machine knit, but I have plenty of vintage knitting patterns for garments equally fine.

Of course, there are plenty of books like Knit So Fine out today as well.

By far the oddest item is this knitted balaclava with a ribbon embellishment.

I've never seen the like.

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