Monday, October 03, 2011

Sock Monkey Swap -- Outgoing

USPS tracking says my partner will get her package today, so I think I'm safe in posting everything.

For some reason, I really got into this swap. I think it's because, while I like sock monkeys, I don't want to fill my house with them. Making stuff for someone else let me have it both ways.

My spoilee has four kids, so I tried to toss in something for everyone, plus stuff for mom. I've already talked about the project bag and the baby monkey and scissor fob.

I knitted a bib for her littlest one.

I made a coffee cup cozy. Actually, I made this one twice. The first one immediately disappeared. I suspect it is blowing about south city.

I also stuck in a giant sock monkey magnet, a night light, candies in tropical flavors monkeys love, two different sock yarns in 50 g balls so she can make wee socks for her kidlets, monkey buttons, a sock monkey stitch marker, a flower brooch kit, a store-bought monkey, a monkey ice block (which I almost kept), a sock monkey graphic novel, and some monkeys and a rubber duck from a gumball machine.

Finally, I designed a shawlette in a not-so-subtle monkey palette.

Yay for sock monkeys!

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yoel said...

That shawl is ridiculously cute!