Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yep, almost skipped blogging again.

Note to self: discipline and structure are your friends!

... within limits of course.

The self-imposed sock club has been working out fairly well. My August socks are actually the ones I had intended to make in November.

My excuses?
  • LB was out of town for a week at the beginning of August, and the August sock was languishing because I needed to fit it to him.
  • I went on a shop hop the last weekend in July and picked up this Cookie A pattern at Knitty Couture.
  • The yarn was already in my stash (that's a lie; the yarn was on hold in the hold drawer at my LYS, which is practically the same thing)

Regardless, I did finish a pair of socks for August. In fact I finished a PAIR of socks.

Rachel swears that I tricked her into a sock club for which I had already knitted half of the socks. She's sort of right.

So now, August's socks become September's, and everything bumps down a month. The good news is that I found a few more unfinished and singleton socks up in my craft room and I may be able to continue the sock club well into 2015.

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