Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sock Club

I made no resolutions this January (although I have managed to climb back on the Flylady wagon), but a few months ago I read about the Yarn Harlot's idea for a self-imposed sock club. She matched up a year's worth of patterns and yarns, put the sets in ziploc bags, and pulls out one a month.

Given my backlog of sock yarn, my tendency to get distracted by new and shiny things, and my part-time job for an indy dyer who makes gorgeous sock yarns, I decided I could benefit from a little self-imposed discipline: a pair of socks a month for the next six months.*

I mentioned the idea to Rachel, hoping that telling another person would help keep me on task.

Thank heavens, because I promptly forgot about my new sock resolution until she happened to mention it to me a few weeks later.

In the hopes of staying on task, I now tell you my goals as well:

July: basic ribbed socks for LB out of the yarn I got in the Cavalier swap. (DONE)

August: Gentlemen's Sock for Evening Wear out of Wildfoote (30% done)

September: Bed Sock in Lemon Pattern, Fancy Knit Stripe out of cashmere (50% done)

October: Pomatomus out of Tofutsies (15% done)

November: something basic out of the orange and hot pink Flusi yarn that distracted me in spite of my resolutions (0% done). Shiny Shiny Shiny!

December: Cycling Stockings (I'll need to order the yarn for these) as an Xmas present for LB. He keeps asking for socks with long cuffs (0% done)


*made somewhat easier by the fact that four of the six months involve knitting the second sock for pairs I had already started. When I say I don't have a problem with second-sock-syndrome, what I meant is that I don't have a problem knitting just one sock then moving on with my life.

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Anonymous said...

Your post today made me laugh out loud, thus scaring all the cats.