Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Work

I'm not teaching this Summer, but as of yet no temp work has come through. This week I made bread pudding from a pack of badly freezer burned hot dog buns and some eggs LB brought back from a Civil War event in late spring. Things are getting tight.

Fortunately, since my stash--both fabric and yarn--is so massive, I have been able to keep busy without spending too much or even any additional money. .

I made a cotton shortgown for some eighteenth-century events as my only other one was wool. I also made a new linen petticoat (the red one). I did spend some money on the hat, but I bought an untrimmed one and can decorate it myself if I like.

I also finally finished the linen stays I'd been working on for ages, literally years. The project is old enough that the sociopath helped me with the fitting, back when my Civil War friends and I didn't know better than to try to nurture her. Ah well.

I've also made two dog crate covers. The first one was designed to shield the tiny little dog from visual stimulation at a lure coursing event. Since he could still hear the motor and barked like crazy, the cover represents a lot of effort for nothing. He had to wait out in the parking lot away from the sights and sounds of the course anyway. Still, I'm glad to have it. The print fabric was given to me by a friend and has already appeared as a quilt backing. In fact, as two quilt backings.

The second crate cover was for a costumed Meet the Breed event with a medieval theme. The table is covered with some Mardi Gras brocade fabric I am hoarding, and the dark purple fabric was something I'd bought for Mardi Gras costuming. Ditto the gold, although it's also served nicely as my Oscars party tablecloth for at least three years. Add a few bits of purple ribbon and some safety pins and you get one fancy-pants crate cover. I take zero credit for the dress, as it's my wedding dress, and my mother made it about eight years ago. For the headpiece, however, I looked at some images of Ann Boleyn, took a few more scraps of purple satin, a strand of Mardi Gras beads, some more purple ribbon, and voila.

And in the just-because-I'm-incredibly-bored category, I've also made two tote bags out of chicken feed bags, using this technique with a few modifications of my own. I don't even need tote bags.

If I still have no job, I'm planning on making LB a vulgar, loud, obnoxious banyan

plus a silk mantle (probably the Grecian casaque) for me

I'm also planning on boosting my sewing skills by trying to recreate some of my favorite vintage clothes by using this technique.

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quiltyknitwit said...

Fun post - love the pics (you w/cow, you as AB w/dog).