Monday, June 25, 2012

Jabberwocky Swap--Outgoing

The Alice in Wonderland swap group I have joined has been fairly specific in its swaps. Rather than a generic Alice swap, the group narrowly focuses on particular parts of the novels. This time we did "Jabberwocky," which appears in Through the Looking-Glass.

For my swap, I looked at the two Jabberwocky sections of the novel. First, Alice sees the entire poem. Later, in talking to Humpty Dumpty, she tells him the first stanza so that he can explicate it, which he does quite badly, like so many pedants.

I knew all along I wanted to send some kind of portmanteau, since "Jabberwocky" contains so many portmanteau words. I thought about buying something, but then it occurred to me that I could craft something just as well, plus a crafted item would ship more easily than an actual suitcase. My spoilee said she liked Tenniel's image of the hero in chain mail.

So, I made this bag out of poptops, using this tutorial.

I made the base more square and added a boxed lining with a snap closure.

I do love the way this came out and may just have to make one for myself once my hands recover from essentally crocheting metal.

Next, I splurged and got a Dyeabolical limited edition sock club. It had great Jabberwocky swag, so part of my work was done for me.

The yarn colorway was even called Jabberwocky and is just gorgeous.

From the rest of the poem, I got some needles to represent the vorpal sword (my spoiler did the same) and ordered a few items from Jabberwocky Farm, which sells goats' milk bath salts and soaps.

Finally, I wrapped it all up in tissue

and added some backwards labels, since Alice reads the poem in the looking-glass.

I got a little paranoid about whether or not the purse was classy enough, but my spoiler definitely liked it, wore it out, and got a ton of compliments.

Next swap: Garden of Live Flowers (I am open to suggestions)

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Loved my flower compact mirror.