Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jabberwocky swap -- incoming

This post is long overdue, and I apologize to my partner. How awful for her to have to spent so much time crafting and not to have me post the photos in a timely manner. I did get them up on Ravelry right away, so I can at least plead that in my defense.

The theme of this round-robin swap was based on the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky." You know? That's kind of a toughie, but my partner came through.

First, look at all the prezzies! For me! Each one was labeled with a passage from “Jabberwocky.”
Because I am a giant Alice dork and have the poem memorized, I decided to open them in the order the labeled text appears in the poem.

Giant. Alice. Dork.

I started with “Twas brillig,” which contained the Dover edition of Jabberwocky. I have two shelves of Alice books, but didn’t own this edition.
At this point, had my memory failed, I could have checked this edition for the order of quotes, but I forged on. The next label read “Beware the Jabberwock.” I love how my spoiler used Tenniel’s images.

Look at this gorgeous scarf. Everything about it is jabberwockish, from the color, to the coppery beads, to the scaly lace motif, to the texture. Plus? She designed it.

I mean just look at it up close. Aren’t you jealous?

Next up came the “vorpal sword.” You may notice that I got excited and accidentally started to rip open the package before photographing it. I couldn’t help myself.

I adore Brittany needles and actually have a complete set except (and my spoiler had no way of knowing this) I had lost one of this size. I can take these to reenactments (you over there, crabbing about the fact that period needles had a bead on the end--just shut up, will ya?) and I love the smooth birch finish. Also, as an armpit tucker, I appreciate how long these needles are.

Next up came the “snicker snack.” You may notice that I was so excited by now that all pretense of decorum and self-control had flown out the window and I ripped open the package without even bothering to photograph first.

This package, “Oh fabjous day” looks like I didn’t rip it open, again forgetting to photograph, but I am afraid that what you see is an artful rearranging of shredded tissue paper.

It contained this beautiful needle-felted project bag from Frabjuous Fibers.

At this point, I got ahold of myself and managed to photograph “calooh, callay” before opening it, partly because I at least knew that it contained yarn.

Again from Frabjous Fibers, this yarn is so pretty. I am familiar with some of their yarns, but I hadn’t seen this one before. In fact, it wasn't even up on Rav last I checked. It's made from "peace silk," which means the caterpillars aren't killed in the process of harvesting the cocoons.

Finally were a few bonus goodies, thoughtfully selected to spoil me.

There were two knitting notepads, which I actually really needed for up in my craft room. I was always searching about for something to jot a note on and now I have it. There was also this great book of vintage knitting patterns, and I’ve already favorited about 7 of them. My particular favorite is a 1930s lacey bed jacket with a maribu feather trim. Really.

There was also this WPI tool made especially for me. It will help me to figure out the gauge of some of the handspuns I’ve accumulated, and I’ve already attached it to my notions bag.

Yay for my spoiler!

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