Friday, June 29, 2012

Sad Socks

I don't often give away socks. Actually, I almost never give away socks.

Since socks take me about 32 hours to knit, I knit them for myself. I also knit them happily for LB, probably even more often than I do for myself. If I accidentally knit them too small for him, I keep and wear them. I will send pairs too small for me to my mother, since she has tiny feet. It wouldn't be any trouble to reknit them bigger, but they do make for nice presents.

I have bartered exactly two pairs for some custom-made bonnet stands and for a linen jacket for LB.  I have sold one pair. All three of those were Civil War socks.

These socks though, I gave away.

I had cast them on during a plane trip to Florida to visit my dying aunt.

The TSA does allow knitting needles. I didn't entirely trust the tiny Napoleons at the screening area, however, and went with size 2 wooden needles. I knit socks on 0s or 1s, which meant that these socks were too big.

I knew by the time I was done the first cuff that they were too big. I also knew that I would never wear them because I would forever associate them with this last trip.

I knew that I wouldn't ravel and knit something new because I would forever associate the yarn with the trip.

So I gave them away.


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