Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cheshire Cat Swap -- Incoming

When I signed up for a new Alice in Wonderland swap group, I was kind of nervous. Frankly, they're pretty bad about posting photos and thank yous, and it didn't look like they were sticklers for deadlines.

It turned out just fine though--I got a great partner, new to the group also: lovely degree of chattiness, easy to spoil, and she did a great job spoiling me too. Here's what I got:

I need to remember to decorate my boxes more often; it's such a nice touch.

I cannot believe how much she fit inside. The box was practically bursting.

Many of the items were labelled with Alice-inspired tags.

My spoiler said she was inspired by Alice’s journey through the woods where she encountered the Cheshire cat, which metaphorically spoke to the two of us--we both live on the Mississippi River but many hundreds of miles apart--and included a ton of travel brochures and postcards.

There were lots of woodland-inspired and whimsical goodies. Steu's teacher's little boy is very sick right now, so I might send some of these in a care package for him.

My spoiler included purse findings as well as Alice-themed lotion and perfume. I don't usually use lotions, but I've put this one next to my chair and have been slathering it on. Love it.

It took me a few days to realize that what I thought were charms were stitch markers. My spoiler worked in a bead store for many years, so her hand-eye coordination to make the tiny little beaded bonus charms blows my mind.

She enclosed an Alice book and a beautiful print on handmade paper to add to my Alice ephemera collection.

The yarn was just gorgeous! A skein of Malabrigo worsted and an exquisite, luminous light blue handspun. I can’t wait to knit with it. I like how they go together, but they're different weights, I think.

Finally, there was just the most amazing shawl, Skewed. It’s in one of my favorite colors, heathered lilac. I didn’t even have to change clothes to model it. I love its asymmetry and the alpaca is lusciously soft.

Didn't she do an amazing job? I am so impressed with how well she considered the theme. I feel well and truly spoiled.

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Awesome swap, beautiful shaw.