Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Foofy Scarves

Whoa Nelly! I step away from blogger for a few weeks, and they did a massive formatting change in my absence. This may take a bit of getting used to.*

We've just returned from four days in Florida where I had a chance to stop by a yarn store on Sanibel Island. We love the island as a whole, and LB picked up a few books on the early history of the island while we were there. It's funny to see that most of their historic homes date from 1910 or so, when the government finally got the mosquitoes somewhat under control.

The only other time I'd visited Sanibel, I went to a different craft store, which is apparently quite popular. Every single person who heard me mention buying yarn on Sanibel assumed I went to Three Crafty Ladies.


We checked out Geez Leweez.

The shop was lovely with very nice customer service. The aisles were just wide enough to fit my aunt's wheelchair (although we did have trouble with the gravel parking lot). The staff welcomed us, but left me alone enough to shop.

Our visit was a bit poignant as my aunt has entered hospice, so I didn't really want "souvenir" yarn. Instead, I picked up a two balls of novelty yarn and knitted two quick scarves, one for my aunt and one for her aide. We hemmed and hawed over colors, but LB was the one who noticed and remembered that the aide wore bright pink nail polish. He was even able to describe two of her outfits in their entirety.

In the shop, he also spotted a pattern for Zuzu's Petals that really struck his eye. The cowl calls for a distinctive, fairly obscure worsted weight yarn with three long bands of color. Sigh. He's right; it is just lovely and I will probably have to order some.

*One of my many pedantic pet peeves is what I call The Floating This. Generally, try to stick a noun after "this": This upgrade, this change, this new format, etc. The preposition at the end of the above sentence, however, bothers me not one whit.

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