Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yarn and Stuff

I spent the weekend making sortie cap after sortie cap (no pix yet). I knitted four in fact, including fringe. I only stopped because it's crazy to make so many sortie caps when I have no customers lined up for them.

Last week, I went to a neighborhood crochet group, partly to work on my crochet skills and more as a way of forcing myself to interact with other human beings. I made two crocheted flowers out of Mardi Gras yarn and started in on a hairpin lace boa, also in Mardi Gras yarn.

A few years ago, the lovely Tammy and Fiona had given me this gorgeous, core-spun camel, which they said they "just knew had to come home" with me.

I hoarded it for ages, since there were only 60 yards, then decided it would work in the boa, which has 5 different yarns held together. It is working beautifully, but I ran out of one of the others. Sigh.

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