Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweater Tricks

Shortly before Xmas, a friend posted that she was looking for someone to finish a sweater for her. The sweater pieces had been languishing in a bag for two years, and I actually enjoy finishing work. There's just something about that wooshing zip of mattress stitch.

Anyway, aside from a raging allergy attack and possible exposure to pink eye, ... well, actually that should have been my tip off. When I pulled the sweater from the water and went to block it, I realized that she had only done her decreases on one side of one of the raglan sleeves. In the photo, you can see that "one of these things is not like the other."

I had to reknit the sleeve, reblock, seam, and add on the roll-neck collar, for a grand total of 5.5 hours of work.

The good news is that I did it all for barter. My friend is a dog trainer, of the type with a bazillion initials after her name. In March, we're going to try out a treibball class and take 5 tricks classes.

I have no idea if Steu will like treiball, but every time I thought he wouldn't be interested in a sport, he surprised me. I wish I had a video of him towing a little plastic wagon around the sled-dog field at the last canine carnival. Even a year later, when he heard the sound of the motor at the lure coursing field, he started barking and jumping with excitement.

I'm taking suggestions for what tricks you think little Steuben should learn. I like "hide your eyes" and "take a bow." In the meantime, I have taught him a few on my own.


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

We call it bootcamp, but the trick is for the dog to crawl on his belly across the floor. Love that one.

quiltyknitwit said...

Adorable & so smart.