Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tidy Tidy

I've lost the freebie wi-fi I was stealing* at home and today I can't get Flickr to open at school. Sigh.

I spent the whole weekend crafting and slacking and watching movies. At one point I went to a book launch party, later I was a rock star. Someone else cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Around 9 last night I graded a stack of papers, which I blame for now having a sore throat.

I finished a pair of socks (done two at a time, toe up even) out of a Dyeabolical sock blank.

and did some Christmas crafting

Look! My yarn stash is now very, very, very tidy!

More work remains. Diligence, friends!

*My neighbors told us we could use theirs, so I thought that's the one I'd been using. The neighbors are still there, but the wi-fi is gone. It's a mystery.

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