Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Praise of the Novelty Scarf

Honestly, fun fur got me knitting again. I had been knitting for years, got a repetitive motion injury, then stopped knitting completely. I took up quilting.

Sometime in the winter of 2002, I discovered both Knitty and novelty yarn. I haven't stopped since. Picking up knitting again led me to blogging, to my job, to new friends.

Fun fur went out of style years ago, but you won't ever hear me mock novelty yarns

Right now, there's been a novelty yarn resurgence, and I've probably knit at least one out of nearly all the new stuff, partly as a way to be able to explain them to customers.

Most take only a few hours (or less!) to knit, cost about $15 to $30 to make, and I get tons of compliments* when I wear them.

Sure, they'll go out of style in a year or so, but so does half the fashions you see in the mall too.**

*Can't remember whether it's "compliment" or "complement"? For a handy mnemonic device, imagine that "i" in the middle as a gentleman doffing his cap by way of a compliment when he meets a lady. Hope that helps!

**Can't figure out if it's "but so does half the fashions" or "but so do half the fashions"? Remove everything else from the sentence except for the subject and the verb. Faced with "Half do" or "half does," nearly everyone makes the right choice. Not sure whether "half" or "fashions" is the subject? Remember that the subject will never be in a preposistional phrase.

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