Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stuff & Nonsense

A few photos of some recent acquisitions:

  • a notions case I bought when I was on a rock-star road trip last weekend.

  • some vintage rick-rack I hope to use as trim on some underpinnings, a set of antique knitting needles and case, an odd Limoges disc that caught my fancy.

  • some presents from LB: a nineteenth-century glasses case and a celluloid jewelry box

  • I've sort of become obsessed with these boxes of late. I had one, from my great-grandfather's second wedding ring and suddenly found myself picking them up at yard sales for a quarter or at antique stores for a lot more. They're a lot harder to find than I thought, which is why I only own four.

  • a Civil War CDV, three knitting post cards, a leap year post card I didn't yet own in spite of owning several hundred, and a Cavalier King Charles cigarette card.

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