Monday, August 29, 2011

Odd Fellows

Today, I made a stab at finding an 1851 Odd Fellows cemetery I'd recently heard about. No luck. I think it's somewhere between the levee and the river, and I cannot believe it has withstood all the floods. I will try again in three weeks. I'm intrigued.

My WIP list ... actually, I'm not sure where I am on my WIP list. I started and finished (minus the buttons) an item for my swap partner, but it's disappeared from my knitting bag, which means I have left it at my LYS or it is blowing down some street in south city.

I have made great progress on Matthew's Ondas scarf and will probably finish it tonight while I listen to Act II of Romeo and Juliet.

I knitted about 6 feet of a bright yellow wrap on size 50 needles. Definitely not on the WIP list. I'm done with the knitting part, and it's draining in the sink even as I type. A yarn rep gave me the yarn, and damn if it isn't bright, bright yellow. Lord knows what it will do to my skin tone. It would look gorgeous on someone with a much darker complexion than mine. That said, I kept it, knitted with it, and plan on needlefelting some flowers to it. It's totally a process knit.

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Ann said...

I'll check for your thingy tomorrow.