Saturday, August 27, 2011


Not much to say today; I have a cold. What a shock.

I heard my voice start to crack on Thursday afternoon and have spent the last two days feeling like I've got a lit match shoved up my sinus cavity. I'm not sick enough to not do things, but doing things makes me very tired.

I'm definitely too tired to cook, so I've been letting my GPS do it for me. My new favorite thing to do is to hit the "find restaurant" button on the GPS and see where I end up. Today I ended up at a Polish butcher on the northside. I'm impressed that they have never put up bullet-proof glass. The shrine to Pope John Paul II behind the counter probably protects them.


Obligatory knitting content:

I made another Katia Triana scarf. This yarn has been flying out of my LYS. For $14 and about 2 or 3 hours, you can crank out a quick Christmas gift. Apparently, the yarn has been flying out of LYSs across the country, because we were back-ordered for a long time, then what has come in has knots. The last skein I knit with had two knots--two knots in a grand total of thirty-three yards. Unacceptable.

Dear Katia Triana, If you don't get your shit together, I cannot recommend you to customers in my LYS. Get it in gear!

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I have knit 4 of those scarves. It is a fun knit, BUT both skeins of Katia had huge, ugly knots. I had better luck with the Marina, no knots.