Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Look! Pictures!


My name is 7letterDeborah, and I am a stitch-marker addict.

In the drawer next to my chair, I have fifty-one stitch markers dangling from two kilt pins. One of those kilt pins contains nineteen Mardi Gras stitch markers alone. The number fifty-one doesn't count the stitch markers currently on projects or in various notions bags (probably a dozen markers or more), nor does it count the baggies of duplicates (Mardi Gras, Hello Kitty, Day of the Dead, mood beads) to give away.

In fact, I need another kilt pin or three, since nothing makes this addict happier than sorting and categorizing.

The way I knit my socks requires at least three stitch markers, and coordinating my stitch markers to my project makes me happy.

So when I went to knit the ghostie socks . . .

I, of course, had just the perfect marker.

Or three.


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Ann said...

Problem? What problem?