Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Management

Today is the long day, the day I leave home at 7 a.m. and don't return until after 10 p.m. After tonight I can say, "One down; fifteen to go."

I'm doing my best to make productive use of the hours and hours of down time, but Parkinson's Law still rules. Nevertheless, I've done the following so far:

Before leaving home:

  • Hung a load of laundry. This is actually a fairly big deal at 6 a.m. or anytime really. The dryer broke last week, so all the laundry needs to be hung on the line that stretches the length of the basement. The basement, to put it mildly, has clutter issues.

  • Decluttered and tidied upstairs for 20 minutes, and therefore ...

  • Found my camera cord.

  • Somehow misplaced my cell phone though.

At school:

  • Taught one class so far.

  • Set up a few Pandora stations.

  • Finished one lesson prep for next Tuesday. I've hidden all my old teaching notes and vowed to create a fresh set of lesson plans this semester. I can get to my old notes if I need to, but I've been teaching some version of this class since 1991, using the exact text even, and need to do something to keep myself fresh.

  • Caught up on my blog roll.

  • Left the building, searched for, and found one of two geocaches on campus.

  • Stopped by the bookstore to correct a textbook ordering error (I ordered four; they ordered three).

  • Did not find the perfect, or indeed any, pencil case for my new giganto purse.

  • Responded to and filed dozens of student contracts. I make students email me a class contract during the first week. I get their actual email instead of the one the school assigns, but then I am, of course, deluged with seventy-five emails which need to be responded to, credited, and filed.

  • Ate lunch and consumed three Pepsi Ones.
I forsee some more Pepsi Ones in my future.

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