Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Mardi Gras is almost over, and I didn't get to participate nearly as much as I would have hoped, but I'm using it as an excuse for dots anyway.
Here's some of what's been going on:

  • I set up a table at the yearly reenactor swap meet. No one wants to pay what knitting is worth, and I get that. I generally buy a table just to keep my name out there. Still, I did manage to sell some used goods and to set up a barter for a silk vest for LB. I generally prefer to barter then sell anyway.

  • Because it was a sale and not an actual reenactment, we could get away with hanging out in our wrappers all day. At the end of the day, I was very careful to explain to all the women who asked for my dress pattern that I was, in fact, wearing a bathrobe, and no, they could not wear this "dress" to an event.

  • I did some junking (an enamel over copper dish, the fifth in my collection) and a book on the history of crochet).

  • LB and I went on a date to the zoo.

  • We also had a date to a pipe organ convention and concert. I like dating LB.

  • I knitted a pair of socks.

  • We threw an Oscar party and Steu gave a brief speech.

  • Anne gave me an awesome project bag, which I've already been using. Rachel dyed up some cashmere for me.

  • Jamie, who just married her own true-love, Natalie, brought me a Winn Dixie Mardi Gras bag and some Conde Cavalier beads from Mobile.

  • I did a Mardi Gras swap (I'll do a separate post for this) but also got some Mardi Gras yarn in the mail from the lovely and talented Dr. Knitter.

  • She sent a Barkus figurine, who can now join all his little friends.

  • Inspired by her pattern, I knit a pair of Mardi Gras gloves.

It's a Happy Mardi Gras all the way 'round.

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Susan Armstrong said...

I have that book too, picked it up last summer at a used book store. I adore used book stores!