Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 favorite cocktails

I know it's not Tuesday. I totally was not going to even blog today. I forgot my camera. I've got a crazy weekend (dot-worthy, even). I have de-stressed and readied myself by watching cute youtube videos like this one and by chatting with my Facebook friends.

I was just beginning to feel sane. Then Rachel gave me a hard time, darn her. And she crabs about me making her work too hard. Just because I have four jobs doesn't mean I'm not a slacker at heart, I tell you.

She suggested I do this particular "10 on Tuesday." I must have looked like I needed a drink.

In no particular order, I offer you my favorites:

  1. Daily's Frozen drinks. Available at your favorite grocery store for less than $2 per silver pouch. I spotted them at the local QT last week--classy. I have mentioned them before.

  2. Margaritas with salt. Frozen or not. Here's my favorite bar trick that I picked up for salting margaritas. With your finger, run a thin bead of Karo around the rim of your glass, then dip in kosher salt. You'll never taste the Karo and the salt stays put. Many years ago, LB bought me my own little salt kit.

  3. Bloody Marys. I make an awesome bloody mary. My secrets are the Karo swipe with seasoned salt on the rim, horseradish, and lots of Zest sauce I pick up by the quart every time I drive through West Virginia. This summer I made homemade V8 in the slow cooker. Unbelievably delicious and totally worth the effort.

  4. Honey Nut Cheerios. My sister turned me on to this one. 1 part Frangelico, 1 part Barenjager, 2 parts half and half. Holy crap. Guido's on the Hill carries Barenjager and will make one of these if you tell them how.

  5. Hot Whiskeys. Other people call them Hot Toddies; the Irish bar where I first drank them called them hot whiskeys, so I do too. I make them the way they did: a bit of sugar, boiling water, a fat slice of lemon studded with 3 cloves, and a shot of Jameson (Bushmill's is Protestant whiskey). Perfect for cold, damp days.

  6. Hurricanes. Also made at home. I follow this recipe. The ones on parade day are too expensive and too sticky sweet.

  7. Champagne. Love it. Sooooo much. This year, I got to try a Champaign and St. Germain cocktail, which was just about perfect.

  8. Gin and Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Super easy and so refreshing. A step up from and gin and tonic. In St. Louis, you can buy bitter lemon at Straub's. At this point, you may be noticing that I drink most often at home. I'm cheap, and a cocktail drives up the cost of eating out like you wouldn't believe.

  9. The occasional tequila shot. When I'm out and just for fun.

  10. Anything with an umbrella in it or anything lit on fire. In spite of the above evidence, I am not very imaginative with cocktails, nor do I drink that much, especially out. Long ago I took to asking the bartender to make me a girly drink and then hoping for the best. I've gotten some amazing drinks that way (c/f #7) .

There, the computer crashed about 15 times (really) while I was writing this. I'm heading home and pouring myself a big glass of water.


Rachel said...

You make me work on Mondays, the worst of all workdays. That's the difference.

Peggy said...

The Honey Nut Cheerios formula can also be used for amazing milkshakes.