Monday, May 03, 2010

Dots: because that's just how it's got to be

On my way back from KC two weeks ago, I stopped at Hill Creek yarns and bought tons of Catania on 50% off. I've already started working it up into Civil War purses.

While in KC, I picked up a spool of knitting silk, which will probably become a miser's purse.

Next up, in the I-totally-can't-believe-these-are-legal department. A few weeks ago, I noticed the liquor aisle in my grocery store sold single-serving frozen drink mixes (unfrozen). I didn't pay too much attention until I spotted them again in the freezer aisle. Frozen. And on sale. For $1.49. The packaging makes all sorts of enticements like "The alcohol is in it!" or "Great on the go!" or "Drink straight from the pouch!" I couldn't stop laughing. I've laughed so hard that I've bought three of them. What a great idea; by the time you get home from the grocery store and put away your groceries, it's just slushy enough to drink. Or to pose on the dog. We have a choice of two options:

  • The guilty averted glance

  • The sheepish, you-caught-me admission

LB and I hit the yard sales this weekend and picked up a few odds and ends. Nothing was mind-blowing (dog dishes, feed sacks, some vintage lawn chairs) but then I spotted this scherenschnitte. I can't convey all the detail. Each dancer is doing something different. There's a schuhplattler (boot slapper) and even a little tapped beer keg. You can see all the ribbons and moustaches. I love it.

Also while out junking, I spotted this amazing building. It's calling out my name like you would not believe.

I've done a bit of researching and found out it's called the Futuro House.

I've gone back to visit it twice. The way this thing is calling to me, I may have been brainwashed by aliens.


Annette Bethke said...

I love your dog! I have always wanted a King Charles, they're sooooo cuuuute!

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

I think so too! Plus, he's historically accurate, lol.