Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bell Curve

from this month's Vogue Knitting (Holiday 2010, pg 34):
  • If we were grading "inspirational" on the bell curve, Yarn Barn of Kansas would be at the top of the arc.
Now class, can anyone explain why the above quotation is not a "compliment" one might wish to hear?


Ann Konzen said...


Kate said...

Maybe that's just their polite way of judging the Yarn Barn as entirely mediocre?

(FWIW, I went once. It was a fine shop. Very cavernous. I'd go again, given the chance.)

Kara said...

Were they trying to pay an actual compliment? Or were they trying to say that the shop is completely average? *sigh*

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

A++ class! And a F to Vogue editors (who should have caught the writer's error), and what I am sure is an entirely unmerited C to Yarn Barn.

Jane said...

I took it as evidence of the poor quality of basic math education in this country... honestly, I have two degrees in humanities and I know better than that.

The Yarn Barn is an outlier on the 'exceptional quality' end of the curve if you ask me ;-)