Friday, September 03, 2010

For Monday

School is closed on Monday, and I hope to be home away from the computer, with my feet up, and knitting away. The first batch of papers doesn't come in for a week after that, and my time management goes to pot from there.

Back in the Alice in Wonderland swap, I got a lovely single skein of Alpaca with a Twist's Big Baby.

Yesterday, I turned it into the Bulky Collar from One Skein Wonders: 101 Yarn Shop Favorites.

Unlike with Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders, I didn't have any problems with the pattern and was able to knit the whole thing (twice, since I knit about 10" in the narrower directions, then decided I wanted it wider) in less than a day.

It wasn't in my queue at all, but since the yarn came from my stash, I can still feel virtuous.

Plus, purple makes me happy.

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