Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should have known better

I should have known better. Hell, I work in a yarn shop for Pete's sake.

I had one skein of one-of-a-kind yarn that Rachel had spun, looked for a pattern that would show it off but be substantial, then finally settled on the Loopy and Luscious scarf. For my foundation yarn, I found one skein of Rowan Kid Silk Spray (sort of like a kettle-dyed mohair) in the sale room.

I briefly glanced at the pattern but decided my version needed to be wider, then cast on 70 stitches willy-nilly.

I bet at this point you think you know what went wrong.

I did not, however, run out of the one precious skein of Rachel's yarn.

Instead, I ran out of the Kid Silk Spray.

... a discontinued yarn

... a discontinued yarn that originally retailed for $16 a ball, not counting shipping.


I begged on Ravelry and finally found someone who was willing to part with a bit of her stash, and even just gifted it to me (Don't worry, I sent her some thank-you yarn).

I've learned my lesson.

... until next time.

And best of all, I had enough of Rachel's precious yarn to make a gynormous tassel the size of my arm (well, my forearm at any rate).

Better photos are here.


Ann Konzen said...

It is, of course, fabulous.

Stephanie Ann said...

IT is lovely but your skirt is gorgeous also!