Tuesday, July 13, 2010

With Sympathy

Little Steuben got neutered yesterday. It was time.

When we got home, this lovely card was awaiting him, addressed to "The Baron."

Inside it read:

"To our very dearest Steuben:

You stood with such nobleness
upon your porch this morning;
your head proud, your gaze gallant.

I paused before we parted and thought,
'There's a dog with some balls.'

Please don't think of your coin purse as empty,
but that you are free from your shackles.

It will warm our hearts
to see you take privilege and
piss on our honey locust once again.

Then we will know you are well.

with Love and Respect,
Steven, Sarah, and GertyBean"
obligatory knitting content: I'm knitting. A lot. It makes me inordinately happy.


Rachel said...


You have the very best kind of friends.

Ann Konzen said...

Oh, mister. You'll feel much more the thing in a few days. Carry on.

Stephanie Ann said...