Thursday, July 15, 2010


A quicky look at my 2nd Cavalier swap. I ended up with two partners when someone dropped out after I made assignments, and as the organizer I felt a bit obligated to pick up the slack.

Here's just a quick look at what I sent out:

  • soap from k.hall.

  • a laser toy, a tug toy, dog-bone erasers, and ...

  • an adorable collar charm (Steu's swap partner Chandler has been on a slimming diet)

  • a great book of dog quotations (I had a hard time not keeping this; I love quotation books), plus ...

  • a nail file, plus ...

  • a magnetic bookmark and a pen
  • newsletters from the Dog Museum, one of which showed this painting
  • beautiful yarn and roving from Rachel.

  • and finally, an oatmeal hat for Chandler and a water bottle holder for long walks.

Chandler loves his oatmeal hat. Can't you tell?

[coming up soon: Backlog--incoming]

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