Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Shirley

Presents have been coming into my life of late, and who doesn't love that?

My friend Shirley just sent me a stack of these beautiful huck towels with Swedish weaving for my collection.

She sent them for a sad reason: she's moving into a retirement home and has to downsize even more than she already had.

Shirley reenacted well into her 80s, and we'd sometimes take a break in the afternoon and sneak off for a margarita.

I love these towels. There's also an antimacassar (the blue one) and a luncheon cloth (the yellow one).

Obligatory knitting content: I am again totally obsessed with Civil War knitting. I've been cranking out undersleeves (like these for second mourning), purses, and stockpiling patterns and yarn for hoods galore. I've got a few barters finishing up and a few more lined up. I can't explain the sudden surge of interest, but I'm definitely going with it.

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