Monday, April 12, 2010

Still More Packages

I blame Rachel. To thank me for some technical editing (which apparently disheartened her to the point of VOWING NEVER TO WRITE AGAIN!), she bought me these very cool grammar stickers and buttons.
I love surprises, so when Rachel suggested we work together on an Alice in Wonderland surprise for Tempest Tea, aka Jamie, I said yes.

Rachel knitted these sweet mitts from her own "Flamingos on the Croquet Lawn" colorway.

She also contributed a beautiful skein of her yarn in the "Hookah You" colorway.
Together we commissioned the lovely and talented but blogless Suzanne to design a set of stitch markers in Jamie's favorite lime-green colors (at my LYS, certain greens are known as "Jamie green").
We also gathered an assortment of Alice-inspired goodies.

For my part, I sewed a project bag using this pattern from Two Kates.

The current line of Alice fabric doesn't exactly scream lime green, but I'm rather proud of myself for making it work. The bag is lined with the green/blue fabric in the background, and the applique is different on each side.

Most importantly, I got to indulge my love for Alice ephemera. I've got lots of it. Lots and lots. As in several book shelves' worth of books alone. Plus a curio cabinet. Plus more.

I included an Alice postcard from a British artist I used to swap with.

I included an Alice edition and a tour guide to Oxford since, of all my friends, Jamie seems the most likely to actually visit Oxford and go on an Alice tour.
For the books, I made two perforated paper bookmarks.

One was the first stanza of "Jabberwocky."

while the other showcased one of my favorite Alice characters, Bill the Lizard.

I raided my drawer of Alice ephemera (what? you don't have one?) and headed off to Kinko's.

I had fairly rare copies of a Peter Newell coverlet pattern

and patterns for Peter Newell sofa cushions. Wouldn't these be an amazing needle felting project?

I scanned color copies of all my Alice advertisements

and then chopped them up to make wrapping paper

which I think turned out pretty cute.

So on that note, I think I'll take the advice of the King:

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."


Rachel said...

It wasn't you. It was the many many many many many emails from the testers that said, basically, "do you know what you're doing or are you just making this up?"

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Much, much love on my beautiful Unbirthday Present. I proudly strolled in to work with your beautiful bag slung on my arm. And that Bill the Lizard bookmark, AWESOME. You guys made my day, week, month. Thank you.