Monday, April 26, 2010

Alice in the Yukon

Finally! I mailed my Alice in Wonderland swap package on April 1 to the Yukon and hadn't heard word one about its arrival. It hadn't occurred to me that someone researching squirrel nests in the backwoods of the Yukon might not have regular access to the postal service or the internet.

I'm an eejit.

The package has arrived, so now I can share the contents. My swap partner really likes a palette of sienna and moss and lichens and rock colors, which at first challenged me. I couldn't figure out how to do Alice in Wonderland in those colors.

Then I remembered Arthur Rackham, one of my favorite illustrators.

Taking his palette as an inspiration and reading some of my spoilee's blog postings, I came up with a few ideas.
Rachel, of course, has some amazing sock yarn and roving that went perfectly. I traded winding duties for the fiber, so they didn't add to my swap total.

I bought some Alice in Wonderland quilting fabric and made a project bag. I also included a miniature crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches (I have one of these and love it) and a felted hedgehog pattern.

I asked the lovely and talented but blogless Suzanne to design some markers in a "natural" palette, and she came up with these lovelies.
I tossed in a few Alice editions from my collection, for which I made some perforated paper bookmarks:

including Bill the Lizard

and the Lobster Quadrille

I was afraid to send any foods internationally, so I focused on non-comestible goodies, most of which I also bought for myself.

Mindy, of Crafty and Crap, makes these gorgeous necklaces, which I seem to buy by the fistful:

My swap partner had an Alice in Wonderland birthday party one year, so I thought she would enjoy these barrettes.

and finally, I included some ephemera, because that's just what I do.

Next up: a cavalier king charles spaniel swap!

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Love Bill the Lizard.