Friday, February 26, 2010

Day for Dots

Sometimes it's just gotta be that way:
  • Jamie gave me this for Christmas. I set it up so that it stares at me while I work. It makes me happy.

  • Years ago, I had admired my friend's Swedish military sleep shirt. When they came back in stock (seriously, years later!) my friend Kim remembered and sent me one. I have lived in it, except on the nights that LB loaned it out to our house guest. I love getting surprise packages in the mail.

  • When my friend Rhys and his entourage were here, I made his favorite breakfast, a dutch baby. I'm completely spoiled by having a commercial grade convection oven and a paella pan. Don't think you could pull this off at home. Although I had timed the dutch baby to come out of the oven exactly 15 minutes after his arising, Rhys, being Rhys, slept through it all. I don't really mind.

  • Having found my new favorite oatmeal cookie recipe, I've gone through several pounds of oats ... and butter to boot.

Tomorrow, I am selling at a Civil War swap meet. I've been prepping like crazy.

  • Housewives

  • Knitwear

  • I am still grading and watching the Olympics. The view from my chair couldn't be better.

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