Monday, March 01, 2010

Swap Meet

On Saturday, I bought a table at the annual military swap meet. I've done it once before, and had fairly low expectations on what I would sell. People go to the swap meet to look for bargains, not to pay a knitter what her work is worth.

Still, admission for two would be $6 and a table cost $15, so I figured if I sold just $9 worth of stuff, I'd break even.

The swap meet is a place to unload some farb or duplicates, to shop for someone else's junk, and visit with reenactors we haven't seen all winter.

It's also a place to spot all kinds of standards of "authenticity," like this Cossack with a poly-fleece hat and thin cotton coat. If he went to the front lines, he'd surely freeze to death.
Since the meet is not any kind of authentic event, I can set up my table with pretty much anything I like, including a styrofoam head.

Thank heavens for LB. I sold a rosette, a bit of candy, and a package of authentically crimp-less hairpins. I got a lot of knitting done while bargain hunters blew past my table. LB, on the other hand, managed to work two guys into buying a hat and a neckwarmer--at full price.

I let him keep half of it and bought him four "french" CDVs as a thank you.*

All day, one seller had been trying to talk me into buying his dresses so that I could resell them. Since I was there to unload stuff and since his dresses looked absolutely nothing like anyone would have worn during the Civil War, I politely declined.

Right at the end, however, some actual swapping happened. The guy next to me offered me a rabbit-fur coat and this mink wrap in exchange for a sleeping cap.
*in other words, pixtures of nekkid ladies.

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