Monday, January 25, 2010

Mardi Gras Knitting

I know I'm an overachiever in some areas. I know it, I'm okay with it, and I don't expect others to do the same. I go all Martha Stewart with swaps, but I've always entered the process with low expectations, and been pleasantly rewarded by finding at least a few things in my swap that I liked. For me, most of the fun is in the gathering and the assembling and the surprising.

I felt a twinge of panic on the Mardi Gras swap I organized, not that my partner wouldn't do well, but that she might feel pressured. I don't know if she did feel pressure, but boy did she rise to the occasion!

I got three yarn-shaped soaps in PG&G from Alsatian Soaps.

Three skeins of beautiful lace weight merino, one each of PG&G, with a pattern for cycling stockings from Weldon’s Book of Practical Needlework (my krewe is a bicycle unit)

MG beads in PG&G, a Heydel’s coin (back when I felt particularly flush, I used to order a Heydel’s cake flown in and own about ten of their porcelain “babies”), and a bag of limited edition Zapp’s Voodoo Gumbo chips (as someone who craves Baltimore’s Utz Crab Chips with a passion, I’m beyond impressed that Karin managed to share these. Plus, HOLY CRAP, they're amazing!)

Five gorgeous, sparkly fleur de lis stitch markers, handmade by DoctorKnitter herself. I'm pretty certain that she has her own personalized rubber stamp. I suspect a kindred spirit as far as the whole Martha-Stewartish tendencies go.

A best of all (insert drum roll here) a glittery, fuzzy, bejeweled dog sweater for my pup to wear in his very first MG parade. I never, ever would have guessed such a cool sweater was in my swap box.

I'd been really stressing out about how I could find the time to cobble together a costume for the parade, and Karin saved the day.

I took Steu out for a walk and we met one of the parade judges. I just said, "I got your grand prize winner, rightcheer!"

Seriously, I cannot imagine a cooler swap! I was completely surprised by everything, yet it all seemed just right for me too.

Karin even borrowed a neighbor's Cavalier to fit the vintage sweater. I'm telling you, she's perfect!


Unknown said...

OK, Steu looks AMAZING!!!!!!! The fit looks perfect, and I couldn't be happier. I was VERY nervous!!!!!! It was actually hard to keep within the guidelines, as my enthusiasm for the swap would have put me WAY over the cap. Luckily, as per New Orleans tradition, a little Lagniappe is part of the deal, so you'll have a package arriving AFTER Mardi Gras with some good 2010 beads and some special Krewe of Barkus goodies. Good luck in the Doggie Parade, Steu...I see royalty in your future!!!!!!!!!!

Nell said...

So glad to see you're back! Great post. Great picture of Steu in his marvelous, majestic sweater. Look forward to seeing him in all his glory!

yoel said...

The swap box contents are even more fabulous in person. That sweater is too cute, worthy of Stew!