Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not Dead

Whew, that was intense. While I'm obviously not dead, I got really, really* run down at the end of the semester.

As in 102-fever, stopped-knitting, three-naps-a-day-punctuated-by-a-lot-of-lethargy run down.

I didn't do Christmas this year. I vaguely remember slapping $350 cash down on a bar and saying to LB, "Merry Christmas. Go buy us a toilet!" After that, it's pretty much a blur.

I hung in there long enough to let a drunken luthier cut my hair on New Year's Eve. I'd seen him rehair bows often enough, so figured he couldn't do too much damage.

On January 2, I was done for, and didn't really feel like much of anything until about a week ago.

Still, new semesters are always a fresh start. I was supposed to get a British Lit. class (my field), but alas, it failed to make. The consolation is that I have three sections of the same course, a course I know like the back of my hand. I'll make enough to live on, have more time to blog, and only have one prep.

I'm back to knitting, have a few New Year's resolutions in hand, and should have plenty to talk about soon.


*"Really" is an empty modifier. Repeating it? Even worse. Hopefully the subsequent sentence made up for it.


Martha in Kansas said...

Glad to see you're back! One prep for 3 classes is not a bad way to go! Hope you're recovering from the illness. I totally understand, as had a mystery virus ("just" a virus, the docs said) that wiped out last spring semester, plus moved out on the man -- all in one fell swoop. Life is so much better after you recover! (I seldom comment, but am a regular reader.)

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Thanks Martha! I don't know what bug it was, but I'm glad it's gone!