Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Here

My second ever swap (another Hello Kitty one) arrived this week.

For my swap partner, I focused on a color theme (purple) and things she liked (Japanese candies, tea, hair ornaments, and HK in costume). I also wanted it all to fit into a HK lunchbox, which it did.

I had made a tea cozy with Hello Kitty ribbon

and a Hello Kitty washcloth out of cotton/linen yarn.

Because my partner crochets, I picked three of Suzanne's locking stitch markers as well:

When my package finally arrived, I was super excited--too excited to bother taking good photos even.
Each item was individually wrapped and decorated with HK stickers. My partner had focused on a summer theme and picked things to keep me cool--plus candy, because who doesn't need candy?

  • HK gum in lots of fruit flavors
  • HK shower gel, shampoo, and lotion
  • a super-soft HK towel
  • HK soap from etsy
  • a cooling wrap
  • a crocheted washcloth
  • a project bag
  • a crocheted lavender sachet
  • an ice pack
  • Pocky
  • Necco Wafers
  • a bag of HK lollipops.

    Of all the items, I think the cooling band is my favorite. First, HK fabric is really hard to find right now for some reason. I know because I've been looking. In the past, I've bought it at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's, Hancock's. Now, nothing. Well, one bolt of baby fabric, but that's it.

    Second, I've always wanted a cooling band, but never was willing to buy one. I actually put it to use yesterday while hauling some roofing material and the band worked great. I even let LB borrow it.

Next swap: Day of the Dead. I can't wait!

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