Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sentence of the Day

Sentences that is.
  • The narrator could have also been poor from the start and lived on Emily's street Not as a higher class person a working class someone that was a servant to another of the family's that once lived on Emily's street and was observing at that time and once the rich family that the narrator worked for moved away from their home the narrator would have been forced to move away during the 10 years that Emily was not seen there for the narrator might of still lived in the same town and could of shown up and observe what was going on around them and what was happening to Emily.

Want more?

  • Even though to most of Emily's family it didn't matter if she died or not the loss of Emily solves just another section of their life mind you that most of her family hated her cause of her father and leaving Emily the big home that she lives in also it helps determine the age of the narrator when the narrator talks about someone else's age as when the board of aldermen met "Three Graybeards and one younger man, a member of the rising generation." (451) can suggest that the narrator is a middle aged person younger then the older aldermen but older than the rising generation.

Today, thank god, is the last day of class. Only about sixteen more of these papers to read by Monday at 5:30.


Anonymous said...

I'd say you need a stiff drink.

And I can't really tell...are they writing on "A Rose for Emily"? That's one of my favorites from high school :-)

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

What a great idea! And yes, absolutely right on the text. Gold star for you!