Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Resolutions, Part 3

I should have done this on July 1, but what with house guests and the impending puppy, it totally slipped my mind.

We're 1/2 way through the year. Time to check on those resolutions.
  • Keep my craft room tidy: I still am not doing well here. I have kept the bed clear and have actually farmed out three sewing projects (as in sucked it up and just paid someone to do it for me). I am still hoping to make progress, but really need to just release some UFOs.
  • Knit 12 charity items this year: Also not going well. One thing I did do was to gather up all the yarn I knew I would never knit and donate it to the guild. Again, apparently I've farmed out my efforts. I'll try to think of it as delegating. That's it; I've delegated my charity knitting.
  • Finish one sweater I cast on back in May and one sweater I cast on back in April: No progress at all. In fact, I'd totally forgotten about this resolution.
  • Knit three pairs of socks: Done. I have some socks for me that have been languishing due to gauge issues and profound guilt over their expense. I have a ball of yarn for LB I've been ignoring as well.
  • Try shape note singing: I did. Didn't love it.
  • Blog regularly: My parents are now reading my blog (::waves hello::). Now that I can't curse with abandon, I'm feeling constrained.
  • Drink more water: Not doing well here either, although I have managed to substitute green tea for one of my daily sodas. This is probably why I have a pounding headache.
  • Be kind to telemarketers and missionaries: My latest strategy is to flee from the. At least that way I'm not mean.
Let's hope I'm doing better by October.

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