Friday, May 22, 2009

Miracle of Miracles

I somehow got it all done. The day is all a bit of a blur, but I did get it all done and with nary a meltdown. Truly a miracle.

I hit the "Submit Grades" button at the 5:30 deadline, went to the history museum to see a documentary of William Clark, and then stopped by my favorite Spanish restaurant for some tapas around 10 p.m. It doesn't even seem possible.

I have not watched television in days. I've not even knitted, and who knows when the last time that happened was. Thanks to my crafty syllabus construction, I've only got about 30 pages to read for Tuesday and no essays to read until then either.

I've got to go down to Potosi to do a yearly rock star gig for about 100 camp counselors (cushy hotel room included) tonight and am off for the bulk of the weekend.


In the meantime, here's another knitting PC

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