Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Postcards

The only way, absolutely the only way, I get things done is to remember to be kind to myself. If I fail to do something (like make dinner, do laundry, read for book club), I'm pretty good at letting go, not beating myself up too much.

At the moment, I'm trying to cram sixteen weeks of classes into a mere thirteen days. Class meets every weekday from nine to noon. Three-hour classes suck, no question about it. So I've divided the class as if it's a MWF class, in other words, three fifty-minute sessions.

It's working beautifully. I don't have to come up with three hours' worth of lesson plans. I need to come up with three hour-long lesson plans. Just about the time the students get squirrely, we take a break. Three hours of talking a day is blowing my voice and my feet hurt like a sonnovabitch, but things are looking good.

My spirit, thanks to doing almost nothing over Memorial Day and thanks to an upcoming road trip with LB, is much recovered from the bruising it took last semester.

Yes, I've got two students texting in class. I have to get twenty-five papers graded and back by tomorrow. I didn't manage a home-cooked meal for the first week. The house is a mess. I've barely knit at all, nor did I post on Monday.

It's okay. I'm okay. We're good.


Another knitting postcard:

Remember to be kind to yourself this week. It's really the only way.

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