Monday, March 23, 2009

Road Warrior

A rant about students who cannot grasp the concept of giving constructive criticism is just roiling within me. I'll try to save it for my meeting with said student on Wednesday. Suffice it to say that most people would agree that "This is a paper that I would not want to read. its [sic] very dull and hard to read" does not constitute constructive criticism and that most people would not minimize the above statement as "one slip-up on one paper."

I'm back from Lansing, where I was able to squeeze in a visit to a yarn store. I left St. Louis at 7 am on Saturday. Arrived in Lansing at about 5 pm local time, took a quick nap, and did my rock star thing. The photos didn't turn out. The next morning, I visited Rae's Yarn Boutique. Rae's sweetie, Sam, was the banjo player the night before, so the whole visit felt serendipitous.

Rae's is a relatively small shop, but I was impressed with the selection. She has quite a bit of roving, great depth in her Noro line, and yarns from several local dyers.

The Lovely Cynthia (that's her name, the lovely Cynthia) and Bonnie, both newish knitters, met me at the shop and posed with my souvenir yarn. It's Berroco Sox and what's hard to see is the metallic filament that runs along with all those deep, luscious wine, apricot, olive, and chocolate colors. That was at 12:40 pm Michigan time on Sunday.

And here that same yarn on Monday at 11:00 am St. Louis time.

It's almost making me forget my problem student.


J. Elizabeth Addison said...

In that student's case I guess constructive critism would be "Well, it probably not possible for your writing to suck MORE, so that's good..."

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Having been on both sides of that desk, I feel at some point it is better to know your writing sucks, than to think you will be the next Margaret Atwood. Miss you.