Friday, March 20, 2009

A Little Va-cay-cay K?

This week has been spring break. While my computer access has been limited, there's been no limit to the things that can suck up my time. Vacation for teachers usually means grading, so I still have about twenty-five papers on my desk. I've tried to do a few a day, but need to make a major push today or the week will get away from me. I foresee a mindless movie in my future. No more Fatty Arbuckle silents as they're more conducive to knitting than grading.

The knitting has been progressing in a mighty frenzy--I'm most of the way through a Noro cardigan from the Mini Knits book (love!). I've begun the calf patterning on my second Regia sock. I've finished LB's first Happy Feet sock.

Tomorrow I drive all the way up to East Lansing, MI to be a rock star for one evening then turn around the next day and head back home. Very poor planning on my part. I tried to set up a knitting lecture but the timing didn't work out. The good news is that the LYS up there, which is fairly well known, was interested in having me do my thing in the future.

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