Friday, December 12, 2008

Behold the Shiny

Every knitter has felt those twinges: the tell-tale cramp, a piercing nerve buzz, creeping numbness that tell us to take a break for the love of pete.

We all ignore them too.

In a mammoth push yesterday, I finished the Clapotis. Once I was in the home stretch, I took no breaks. Dinner was hot dogs and garlic bread and he was damn lucky to get that.

By the end, I was feeling pangs and twinges in places I'd never felt before. I didn't care. I did not stop until the last end was woven in.

Already, it's changed how I view the world. A random small child (who, while he seems to very nice for a small child, generally demands more attention than I am willing to give, particularly to a random child) admired it. The pointy-headed guy with whom I do daily battle for control of the office computer admired it. Already, I am feeling much more charitable toward these two.

I can feel the iron bonds on my Grinchy heart creaking and snapping. Or maybe it's just a residual muscle spasm.


On the desk:
  • 2 annotated bibliographies
  • 17 8-page research papers (I may have culled the good ones to get me motivated to start; this strategy may prove to have been a mistake)
  • 7 6-page group projects proposing a solution to a campus problem (4 of these are on the laundry rooms)
  • 30 3-page essays complaining about a problem at school (no solution required)
  • 21 4-page essays proposing a solution to a problem at school
  • 1 final for a student who had to fly to another continent for Christmas break


  • 50 finals

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