Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pedlar Dolls

I am working, really.

  • 2 finals written
  • User diary for new textbook evaluation submitted
  • Innumerable papers graded, many quite good

On the desk:

  • 13 3-page papers comparing and contrasting high school and community college
  • 2 annotated bibliographies
  • 17 8-page research papers (I may have culled the good ones to get me motivated to start; this strategy may prove to have been a mistake)
  • 7 6-page group projects proposing a solution to a campus problem (4 of these are on the laundry rooms)


  • 30 3-page essays complaining about a problem at school (no solution required)
  • 21 4-page essays proposing a solution to a problem at school
  • 51 finals

And because this is what I do when I am stressed, I am researching pedlar (or peddler) dolls. I ran across this upcoming auction, from which it's not possible to pinch photos. Go visit and be prepared to lose all track of time.

What amazes me is all the tiny details, many of them knitted items: socks, miser's purses, scarves, and more.

Lot #5746 has skeins of yarn looped over her basket.

This site has some amazing close-ups of wee knitted and crocheted goods.

The tininess of it all just sucks me in.

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J. Elizabeth said...

wow- I never knew such a thing existed let alone carried a following! These dolls are fantastic! Thanks for enlightening me.