Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Can't Believe I Fell for This

I bought the very first ball of Opal's limited edition Harry Potter sock yarn that came into my LYS yesterday. This ball never even made it on to the shelf.

I understand why Opal didn't simply do the house colors. Want some Slytherin socks? Go buy some green and black balls of yarn! Consider yourself to be a Hufflepuff? Buy yellow and black. It ain't rocket science.

This particular colorway is "Hedwig" and I've been obsessing about "Ron" too. I've heard lots of comments about the colorways. To me at least, this looks like Hedwig. I totally get Tonks and Ron, but what would a Dumbledore look like?

It's funny. Other people will loudly exclaim, "Oh, that looks just like Lupin!" In some ways, it's all like any good book. We bring a piece of ourselves to the experience, and no one book can please all people.

So in honor of Banned Book Week 2008, go read yourself some Harry Potter, one of the most challenged books of all time, and maybe knit some socks while you're reading.


yoel said...

Hmm, I would have thought Hedwig is a bit lighter than that. :) I can't decide if HP yarn is wonderful or a money-making bizarre idea. Aw heck, I want all the colorways!

Cindy said...

Hedwig is my favorite. It takes a LOT of tempting these days for me to give in to another new ball of sock yarn, but I couldn't resist Hedwig.