Friday, August 22, 2008


I've always learned math the hard way, by experimenting.

When faced with an 8" knitted square and told to pick up and knit 35 stitches on the top and on the bottom and 32 on the sides, my first thought was, "Cool, I don't have to pick up and knit as much."

Other people, people who actually payed attention in math class instead of reading Jane Eyre, might have thought, "Won't that cup and pull?"

I wish I could say I had thought that as my first thought, or even as my second or third thought. Instead, it was more like my 2508th thought (228 stitches, times 11 rows) before I realized my problem.

And even here, my math isn't entirely accurate since I was increasing one stitch each row (2508+11). I also didn't factor in the pick up and knit part (2508+11+228), nor the fact that I had cast off six squares' worth (6x32=192). So really, it was more like my 2939th thought.

I think.

Fortunately, since I'm bad at math in many areas, I also was wrong about the ending of the UFOlympics. The Olympics began on a Friday and I knew were to run for two weeks, so I thought they would end tonight. I'll actually have an extra two days I didn't know about.

I'll need them.

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Anonymous said...

Um, what does it say about me that the thing that caught my imagination about this post (too much math) was Jany Eyre! I'm halfway through getting it read to me. Much better this way than skimming it as I did during HS... Sorry about the cupping and pulling.