Monday, March 24, 2008

Slurring My Words

I swear this is not a staged photo. Although, knowing Frank's propensities, I'm open for suggestions for props more inventive than liquor.

He looks about like I'm feeling right now about my knitting. I've got too much going on that needs too much concentration. I've got one mitten done. I've got 3/4 of one sock, plus the cuff on its mate. I've done the required 17 repeats on a lace scarf, and am getting stitch but not row gauge. There's more, but those are the things I picked up when I was struggling with some other pieces.

The incomplete pile just keeps getting bigger.

Might be time for a vodka and a nap.


Cindy said...

Frank has excellent taste in vodka, too. You've raised him well.

wheelinsticks said...

Did they help?

Annie said...

High - larious. Must be a pilot light... is it warm on there?