Friday, March 07, 2008

Said the Walrus to the Carpenter

While I'm happy to live in the Midwest, I still pine for a few things from out east, even after seventeen years: Utz crab chips, lebanon bologna, WaWa markets, frozen punch with ginger ale, soft-shelled crab with mayo on white bread, Mary Sue Easter eggs, crab cakes actually made from crab with nary a breadcrumb, real Virginia ham, Bertha's mussels, being able to sprinkle Old Bay on my toast without getting funny looks, Berger cookies, she-crab soup, arabbers, Haussner's, and most of all, raw oysters.*

Today is the St. Louis Oyster festival, a thing I look forward to each year almost as soon as the previous one is over. The first year, LB and I managed to split 20 dozen between us. We've moderated our pace a bit, but I stopped by the bank this morning to ensure that I can eat myself silly if I so desire. Wish me luck. I'm feeling quite peaked, but I refuse to succumb until Sunday at the earliest.

The Fidget is finished, and so is a bit of grading.

  • 2 3-page letters to the editor
  • 19 4-page reflection papers on "my environmental footprint"
  • 7 3-page profile papers (2 of which are for students who have likely dropped)
  • 6 paragraphs on "how my day would be different if I were illiterate"
  • 5 paragraphs on "my favorite tv show"
  • 14 midterm exams


*Wow, it's not really a few things; it's a whole helluva lot of things. Actually, I may miss the soft-shells most of all, but they're so out of reach that I have to settle for missing the only truly obtainable item on the list.


Crafty and Crap said...

Crude, I've been looking forward to that and totally double booked myself this weekend.
The scarf looks fantastic..

Cindy said...

Yes, but the Fidget looks great.

szq said...

Nothing like Lebanon bologna (I have found it at the Schnucks at Lindbergh & 40, but haven't been there in ages) authentic Maryland crabcakes & softshell crab sandwiches. How about Tasty Kakes?


7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Yep, tasty kakes too. I have bought Lebanon bologna here. After mail ordering it once I heard one Schnuck's had it. The best way to eat it is fried, imho.